You can soften it using

You can soften it using your washing machine, giving it a distress more relaxed comfortable look. Ensure that the dryer is on medium heat put the leather jacket on it, allowing it to dry completely. This is as compared to lived in jacket that has a distress look.

. You need three things; a washing machine, a laundry detergent and a dryer. Am sure you are already scared-washing leather! But no with the right technique following the requisite procedure and undertaking due care, your leather jacket will come out soft and supple with no ruin at all. Go ahead and give your leather the look you have been yearning for quickly.Brand Spring grinding machine Manufacturers new leather jackets tend to be shiny, stiffer and are less comfortable. After which your leather jacket should be removed from the machine and wringed out so that excess eater is removed. Repeat this process until your jacket gets the look that you have been yearning for. Owing to this, there are times when we need to relax our jackets a bit. Allow the washing machine to go for a full cycle run. To the wash leather by itself, add the leather jacket. This is also aides in creating stylish wrinkles. The first step entails filling your washing machine with cold water. Then add an amount of washing detergent to the recommended amount.